Why Would Somebody Want to Plead Guilty to DUI?

If you’ve ever watched a crime show where the defendant pleads guilty, you probably scratched your head and wondered why anybody would do that. It seems crazy to not take a chance at beating the charges. However, there are times when the sentence will be a bit better if you make a deal with the prosecutor and plead guilty. If the court doesn’t have to waste time or resources prosecuting your case, they may be willing to cut you a break on the sentence. Of course, with a DUI charge, there are certain minimum sentences. Your Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer will work with the prosecutor to try to get you the best possible outcome.

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Your Indianapolis DUI Defense Lawyer Will Want to Push to Get the Charges Reduced or Dismissed

The goal of every Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer is to get their clients’ charges dropped. Sometimes this is possible and sometimes it isn’t. It all depends on the evidence. There are times when the prosecutor decides to move forward on a case where the evidence is weak. Perhaps you have prior DUI convictions, and the State doesn’t give you the benefit of the doubt. Or you may have been charged with both a DUI and having an open container in the vehicle. When you have an open container, it is a lot easier for the cops to assume that you’re intoxicated. It will all come down to your blood alcohol concentration as well as your field sobriety test.

If the Evidence is Strong, Pleading Guilty May Result in a Lesser Penalty

Your Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer is going to look at the evidence and see what the prosecutor has. If your attorney can show that the arrest was unlawful, then they can get the evidence against you thrown out. The problem is that it doesn’t take much for the cops in Indianapolis to show that they had reasonable suspicion to pull you over. They can say they saw you weaving in and out of your lane. Or they may claim that you were driving well below the speed limit. Odds are your attorney won’t be able to get the charges thrown out. If the evidence is strong, it may be an option to discuss a plea deal.

There is Almost Always a Defense that Your Indianapolis DUI Defense Lawyer Can Present

Even when you feel the prosecutor has you dead to rights, there are always options. Your Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer will look at the evidence to see what kind of proof the State has. If your attorney is able to poke holes in the state’s case, they may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed. You cannot assume that you’re going to be convicted just because you’re charged. The whole idea of hiring a defense attorney is to fight the charges. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you need to consider pleading guilty. Let your Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer figure out the legal side of things. You need to work on making arrangements in case you are found guilty.

Call an Experienced Indianapolis DUI Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible After Your Arrest

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you won’t have much time before your first hearing. This is where you have to let the judge know how you intend to plead. You can certainly attend this hearing on your own. You can plead not guilty and then scramble to hire an experienced Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer afterward. Or you can call and talk to one as soon as possible after your arrest. Ideally, you’d call our office from the jail. There’s no reason to wait. With so much at stake, it could be considered foolish to not talk to a skilled Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer before your initial hearing.

If you aren’t able to reach out to an attorney because you’re stuck in jail, have a family member call. You’ll be in a much better position if you have a lawyer standing next to you in court. Your attorney can meet with the attorney beforehand and try to get them to drop or dismiss the charges. Depending on the evidence, they may be able to make this happen. If not, they can sit down with you and discuss your plea. Call the office and talk to our staff today so you can arrange to have an attorney meet with you.

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