Reacting to DUI Stop in Indiana: How?

If you’ve never been pulled over before, it can be quite the intimidating experience. As soon as you see the red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, you start to panic. Even people who haven’t had a drop to drink get scared when this happens. They start to wonder what they could’ve done wrong. Some people get stopped because a headlight is out, and they panic. But if you’re being stopped for DUI, it’s a whole different experience. If you are charged, then it’s a good idea to call a DUI defense lawyer in Indiana.

One of the most serious driving infractions in Indiana is DUI. The only other offense that is more serious is vehicular homicide. The penalties associated with a DUI are very serious. You’ll be facing fines, a suspension of your driver’s license and possible jail time. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to handle this on your own. You really should talk to an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Indiana. The problem is that your attorney isn’t going to be in the car with you when you’re pulled over. So, it’s important how you handle yourself during the traffic stop. What you do during the stop will determine how your DUI defense lawyer in Indiana can do to get your charges reduced or dismissed later.

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Never Refuse to Stop When the Police Attempt to Pull You Over

The biggest mistake any driver can make is to refuse to pull over. It doesn’t matter what you drive or how bad your driving history is – there is never a good reason to refuse to pull over. Not only will you end up being charged with DUI – you’ll also be charged with eluding the police and a slew of other charges. If you have a feeling you’re going to fail a breathalyzer or field sobriety test, you have a few decisions to make. But you must pull over and make sure you give the police your credentials. You’re going to make your life a lot harder if you don’t do that. You’re also going to make your DUI defense lawyer in Indiana’s job a lot harder if you don’t cooperate with the police.

You Need to Cooperate with the Indiana Police if Stopped for DUI

Like it or not, if you’re pulled over for DUI, you need to cooperate with the police. This means you provide the cops with your license and registration. You have to answer their questions. It’s not going to help your case if you give them a hard time, use profanity or refuse to cooperate. In fact, this information will be communicated to the prosecutor. When your DUI defense lawyer in Indiana attempts to negotiate with the prosecutor, they aren’t going to be open to a discussion if you were rude to the police.

Your DUI Defense Lawyer in Indiana Cannot Undo What You Did at the Traffic Stop

The problem a lot of DUI defense lawyers in Indiana have is that their clients can make it very hard on them. Prosecutors are the ones who decide whether they’re going to dismiss or reduce your charges. Your attorney is going to need to convince them to give you the best outcome possible. That won’t happen if you misbehave at the traffic stop. When you’ve been drinking, you’re already more likely to act out. The last thing you want to do is antagonize the police who pull you over.

Whether or Not You Submit to a Breathalyzer is Up to You

You can ask a hundred DUI defense lawyers in Indiana whether you should take a breathalyzer test and they’ll all disagree. About half of them will say it’s a good idea to refuse the rest. The other half will tell you that this can only hurt you and cause you to lose your driver’s license for a while. It is really up to you. If you know you’re heavily intoxicated, you may not want to blow into the machine. If you think you may pass the test, it may be in your best interest to take the test.

Call and Talk to an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer in Indiana

If you’re pulled over for DUI, you should call and talk to a DUI defense lawyer in Indiana right away. There’s too much at stake to leave things up to chance. You need a skilled attorney by your side.