Level 6 Felony in Indiana

What is a Level 6 Felony?

A Level 6 felony is the least serious kind of felony. Indiana has 6 levels of felonies plus murder.. The lower the number, the worse the crime. For example, burglary is a Level 4 felony and auto theft is a Level 6 felony.

OWI is also a Level 6 felony. It is one step up from a misdemeanor. OWI becomes a felony if you have a prior OWI within the past 5 years, or if you have a person under the age of 18 in the vehicle. One benefit of a Level 6 felony is discretion. The judge may agree to treat it as a Class A Misdemeanor. You need a good lawyer who knows how.

What is the Penalty for Level 6 Felony?

A Level 6 felony carries mandatory jail time due to prior convictions. The range of penalty can go be as low as 6 months.  It can also be as high as 2 1/2 years.  The sentence can be suspended, all except the mandatory statutory minimum.     There are also fines up to $10,000.

Can my Level 6 Felony be Reduced?

The judge has the discretion to reduce your Level 6 felony.  Your penalty goes way down. Potential jail time can be reduced to 1 year and your maximum fine can be $5000.Y

There are 3 ways your Level 6 felony can be reduced:

  • At your sentencing hearing by a judge
  • Pursuant to a Plea Agreement
  • Potentially through a sentence modification.


Whether your Level 6 felony is reduced is dependent upon the plea agreement or the judge.  There are multiple factors that can affect this possibility.  This is why you need a skilled Indiana DUI lawyer to represent you.

Contact a DUI Defense Lawyer to Fight Your DUI Charge

Most misdemeanors do not carry a jail sentence. Whether you will actually face incarceration depends on your prior record and the judge. With DUI charges you don’t want to take a chance. Contact a defense lawyer  for DUI at Rathburn Law Offices today for a consultation.[/cta]