Resources Available After a DUI Charge

After a DUI arrest it can seem like everything is starting to fall apart. The good news is that you have many resources available to help you bounce back after a DUI charge. Make sure to take advantage of these resources after your arrest, and after the judge’s final decision.

The first step is to find legal representation. Contact a drunk driving defense attorney to obtain your first major resource!

What Can A DUI Lawyer in Indiana Do?

A DUI lawyer can help you know how to handle your case, how to prepare for your appearance in court, and how to start proactively working on repairing your life. With a lawyer you can discuss options such as opting for drug and alcohol counseling or minimizing community service hours.

A lawyer is a good place to start with knowing how to navigate the court system. With legal help It is very possible that your case may not come with a guilty verdict and that you could have your license back quickly.

But without a lawyer it’s essentially your word against the word of a cop. That’s not a fair case, but it is the most common situation for people facing their first DUI charge.

Rely on Friends, Family, or Other Groups

DUI charges are stressful. They come with financial penalties, can leave you without a license, and can even cause you to lose your job. The issue is that people often treat people with a DUI charge like a criminal. But when you’re not a criminal this treatment seems even worse.

The good news is that you likely have a support system available. Not everyone you know will be understanding that you didn’t actually do anything wrong. Go to friends, family, coworkers or schoolmates that are sympathetic.

The people closest to you may have gone through a similar situation, and they may be able to help you problem solve some of your major issues at the moment.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Options

Even if you weren’t driving under the influence or over the legal limit, it’s reasonable to seek out counseling. Guilty verdicts often come with mandatory alcohol and drug counseling or courses for alcohol abuse. Enlisting in a counseling program or attending open meetings can stand as an act of good faith for your case.

There are likely different programs available for your area. Not every course or program is for addicts. Many support people who are experiencing addiction, their friends and family, as well as people who’ve experienced hardship such as a DUI.

The Indiana BMV

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or the BMV, is a resource for all drivers. After a DUI you’ll likely need to lean on the BMV for information. At the BMV’s website and in all of their locations you can learn more about your suspension and how to reinstate your license.

A lawyer can help you work towards getting your license back, but you can get a headstart by submitting a reinstatement form while you look for the right lawyer for your case.

The BMV also provides valuable information on finding your hearing and having alternative hearing platforms such as appearing by conference call. This office is notorious for being easy to work with after a DUI. 

Contact the Rathburn Law Office P.C.s

When you’re up against a DUI charge you’ll experience a ton of stress and long waiting periods. Most people report that their hearing comes up just as they start feeling better. You can lean on those close to you, the BMV, and legal representation for help.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle you’ll face is the struggle of facing the things that are coming your way. You probably never imagined having to apply for a suspension release on your driver’s license. No doubt you didn’t plan on having to appear in court to resolve a DUI.

It’s critical for everyone facing a DUI to focus on accepting the situation and working towards a resolution. Legal representation is probably the most logical way to attack this unwarranted charge.

Get in touch with an Indianapolis DUI lawyer today. At Rathburn law offices we focus on connecting people facing DUI charges with the resources they need. You can map out which resources benefit you the most and move forward in a good direction.

When you contact Rathburn law offices you’ll get help from a qualified and experienced DUI attorney who can help you navigate this new territory. Get guidance on how to address the charge, and what evidence you can bring in as part of your defense.

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With over 25 years of experience, Rathburn Law is your ideal choice. If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge, Reach out to us today!