I have known Charles for several years and I have learned so much from his expertise in the area of breath testing. I purchased a DMT DataMaster in 2011 and Charles understanding of the instrument and principles of breath testing is phenomenal there have been several instances where, if I didn't call Charles, my result on the case would not have been successful.
John Drennan
Charleston, SC
The in-depth DataMaster training I received from Chuck Rathburn has been a key to success in court. After taking the hands on breath test training from Chuck I am better able to analyze DUI breath cases from the inside out. Understanding the DataMaster better than the DA's and better than may of the State's experts has helped me get some fantastic results.
Mark Rosenfeld
Beverly Hills, CA
I have taken several DataMaster Courses with Chuck and continue to be blown away by both his command of that instrument and his ability to teach it to others. Chuck has an intense passion for learning about this machine, and has a gift of how to present it in a format that is easy to digest and Understand.
Eric P. Ganci
San Diego, CA
When looking for DataMaster training for my staff, I looked no further than Charles Rathburn. Mr. Rathburn did an outstanding job educating my entire staff on the concepts of breath alcohol testing while thoroughly explaining the problems associated with breath alcohol testing.
Jon Saia
Columbus, OH
My first attorney told me I had to plead guilty to DUI because they didn't think I had a defense. Chuck was able to get the DUI dismissed to a lesser charge. He worked hard to help me.
John K.
Chuck’s knowledge and understanding of breath alcohol instruments is exceptional. He worked closely with a manufacturer for many years learning and sharing the knowledge with the defense community. I have gone to Chuck on many occasions to discuss breath alcohol issues and aspects of how the instrumentation deals with the sampling and analysis. I consider him one of the leading experts on breath alcohol within the defense community. As an attorney, Chuck works hard for his clients and doesn’t just deal cases away. He takes the cases personal and fights to get the best resolution possible. In my 30 some years as an expert in breath alcohol testing, Chuck Rathburn is, by far, one of my favorite attorneys for consulting and brainstorming ways to expose the pseudoscience and bad science in the alcohol testing community. I am always impressed by his knowledge and understanding and ability to think outside of the box. I do not hesitate to say Call Chuck!
Mary Catherine McMurray
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