DUI in Indiana: What Should I Do If I Get Pulled Over?

Pulling people over for a DUI in Indiana is a common practice by the police. They do so for your safety and the safety of others on the road. But this can sometimes go off track and turn into unpleasant incidents and accidents. This usually happens because most people don’t know how to react to the situation and can’t handle the situation properly; mainly because they have a lot of negative perceptions regarding such situations. In this article, we will tell you what you should do in case you get pulled over for DUI in Indiana. When you know and follow these steps you will be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the legal rights that you have.

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Steps to Follow In Case You’re Pulled Over for DUI in Indiana; Tips from Indiana DUI Lawyers:

Following these steps will make sure that everything goes smoothly in your favor and will help avoid any unpleasant situation.

Don’t Panic and Calmly Pull Over:

When you’re pulled over by the cop, there is no need to panic because that will make you suspicious even when you’ve done nothing. When pulled over, use the indicator of your car and slow down your speed, smoothly stop, and park your car aside. One thing that you should always know and remember is that when you’re pulled over for DUI, the camera in the car of the cop is recording everything. Even the way you were driving before coming to a stop is also being recorded. So be very careful yet normal during the whole process.

Behave Politely and Show Good Manners:

The next thing that you must never forget is that you always have to be polite when talking to the cop and make sure that you’re in your best manner at all times. As mentioned above that everything is being recorded even the conversation that you’re having with the cop. It is being recorded in both video and audio. So make sure that your behavior, tone, or way of talking to the cop in any way should not indicate to the accessor that you’re misbehaving, being rude, or anything that might indicate that you’re under the influence or drunk. Be humble, address the cop as sir or ma’am to show respect, and under any circumstances do not engage in aggressive behavior with the cop at any time.

Do Not Confess Anything:

The cop will ask you for information. You should indeed give the cop your identity, driver’s license, cars registration, and auto insurance information after being pulled over for DUI in Indiana, but you are not required to respond to any compromising or vague questioning. Such questioning can include questions like ‘how much did you drink today or tonight?’ Do not respond to any such question because you don’t have to. You should remain silent and say nothing instead of saying anything which might be taken from some other perspective. As mentioned above that everything is being recorded. Any statement that you give that includes you admitting that you drank can and will be used against you in the court and show you guilty when you’re not.

Don’t Allow Sobriety Tests on Spot:

Sometimes the cops will try to perform tests known as field sobriety tests or roadside sobriety tests. Cops might tell you to exit the car, but they can’t make you undergo roadside sobriety tests. These assessments are entirely optional. Whenever an officer requests you to exit the car, you must do so, but make sure that you do not lean on the doors or car for stability as that will make you suspicious. When you’ve exited the car, politely decline all roadside sobriety tests testing. You can simply deny by saying that your attorney strongly forbade you to do so and that you are not willing to take these tests.

Don’t Allow Chemical Tests as Well:

The cops might also ask to perform chemical tests such as breath, urine, or blood. If you’ve actually been consuming and are pulled over for DUI, respectfully deny the cop’s request to take any form of test. These tests frequently generate incorrect findings for a variety of reasons.

Don’t Say Anything In Case You are Arrested:

In case you’re arrested, try not to say anything or pass any comments because as mentioned above everything is being recorded. However, you have the legal right to call your attorney at any point.

Contact A DUI Lawyer In Indiana:

In this scenario, you will need a good and experienced DUI attorney on your side to help and assist you to get the justice you deserve and our lawyers have all the qualities mentioned above. Our Indiana DUI attorney provides free consultation for DUI cases in Indiana so get in touch right now.