What to do if arrested for DUI

           If you’re reading this post, it’s more likely than not you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI and you’re wondering what to do now.  The first thing to do is take this matter seriously and find a DUI attorney who will fight for you.  Your only chance to win is to fight.

           If you took a breath test, you need a DUI attorney who is knowledgeable about breath testing science and the EC/IR II breath test machine used in Indiana. The mere fact that a number was produced on the breath evidence ticket is not, of itself, proof the number is accurate and reliable.

If it was a blood test, you need an attorney who understands all the steps of testing blood from the blood draw, through the analysis.  The same with urine analysis. There are a number of steps in the analysis process where mistakes or contamination can take place.  Seek an attorney who is trained to look for those errors.

            You need an attorney who has been trained on the SFSTs, ARIDE, and DRE. These are procedures used by the police to gain evidence against you.  Many times these tests are improperly performed.  Unless your attorney knows how they are to be properly performed, how can they know when they are improperly performed?

           There is no DUI attorney in the State of Indiana that is as trained as Chuck Rathburn in each of these areas of DUI law. In fact, he is often invited to train attorneys, judges, and police officers on these topics throughout the United States.

            If you took the chemical test, there are provisions to allow you to retain your driving privileges.  The sooner you make that request, the sooner you can be driving legally.

           You should also immediately get a substance abuse evaluation to determine if you may be in the early stages of developing a problem.  Your DUI attorney should be able to direct you to competent and honest evaluators.

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            Once charges are filed, there are timelines and deadlines for filing motions and request.  You should not delay seeking counsel.  Contact the Rathburn Law Office P.C. for a free consultation on the charges.

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