Can My Indiana DUI Attorney Tell Me If Will I Lose My Driver’s License After A DUI Arrest?

The short answer to losing your license after a DUI arrest is; yes, you will. The long answer to losing your driver’s license after a DUI arrest is not always. Depending on the defense of your Indianapolis DUI lawyer, you may be able to reduce the amount of time that you will lose your driving privileges after being charged with a DUI.

The laws for DUIs in Indiana are strict. There are fines and penalties such as jail time that are handed down with each DUI charge. Losing your driver’s license is just one of the penalties that you will face after a DUI arrest.

If arrested for your first DUI offense, you could lose your driving privileges for up to 180 days. Having a DUI attorney in Indianapolis, IN, on your side can ensure that you receive the minimum license suspension with a DUI conviction.

Individuals charged with a second DUI offense will lose their right to drive for a minimum of one year. An Indianapolis DUI lawyer can help reduce the amount of time that your driver’s license is suspended, keeping you in control of your life without having to make arrangements for getting around.

A third offense of a DUI charge also comes with a one-year penalty on your driving privileges. This can take away your right to drive for up to one year unless you have a DUI attorney in Indianapolis that can help you with your drunk driving case.

Even if you do lose your driving privileges, you may be eligible for specialized driving privileges. This can allow you to drive during certain times of the day for certain activities such as driving to and from work or school. This can help you to get where you need to go without interrupting your life in a major way.

After a DUI arrest, the judge may also require that you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. This often comes with specialized driving privileges as a way to deter a driver from drinking and drinking after a DUI arrest.

Beyond losing your driver’s license for a DUI arrest, you may also face lengthy jail sentences and costly fines. These penalties increase with each DUI occurrence. A DUI attorney in Indianapolis can help reduce these penalties and keep you out of jail. They can help you keep your driver’s license after a DUI arrest and at the minimum secure you specialized driving rights after a DUI charge.

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Can a Lawyer Help Me After a DUI Arrest?

An Indianapolis DUI lawyer can help you after a DUI arrest. Your Indiana DUI attorney will provide you with a consultation where you can discuss your DUI case. They will answer all your legal questions and provide you with the legal advice you are looking for after a DUI charge.

You need a DUI attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana, to help you with your DUI case. They will investigate the circumstances of your DUI arrest and provide you with your legal options. Your lawyer will build a strong case that reduces your DUI penalties. They will fight for your legal rights and get you reduced sentencing in your case.

There is a number of defenses that your attorney will use to fight your DUI charge. They know the law for DUIs and can win your case in court. Trust in an Indianapolis DUI lawyer to take your case and help you avoid losing your driver’s license after a DUI arrest.

An Indianapolis DUI lawyer can fight against a DUI charge. They know how to navigate the legal system and can help you understand what the next steps are in your case. You do not have to accept a DUI charge and the penalties that come with it. Your DUI attorney in Indianapolis, IN, can reduce your sentencing, keeping you out of jail and with your family. Let them work for you.

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