3 Tips to Recover from Your First DUI

Anyone experiencing their first DUI charge is in for a shock. Unlike other charges, a DUI comes with consequences before there’s even a court date. Here are three tips to help you recover from your first DUI and prepare for the legal battle ahead of you.

First, take a moment to process what just happened. Then, after you find an Indianapolis DUI attorney, you’ll want to start preparing for some life changes.

Take a Breath and Make a Plan

Many people walk out the next day after a DUI and immediately have to rush to work or go to straight to the car impound. It’s unnecessary stress because so many of these things that people rush to right after a DUI arrest can wait. 

A DUI charge can impact your employment, but showing up in last night’s clothes and looking like you haven’t slept will definitely impact your job. Take a moment, go home, and rest. Get really good rest and then set out a plan.

Putting together a plan will help you feel more in control of the situation, but it’s also a great way to start a conversation with your family. Many people treat those with a DUI charge like they’re a criminal. If you didn’t do anything wrong or were under the legal limit, you need to put that sort of treatment to the side. You’re not a criminal, and having a plan will help you keep this off of your record.

Work with an Indianapolis DUI Attorney

The first step on your plan should be to hire an Indianapolis DUI attorney. There are many legal hoops you have to jump through in order to resolve a DUI. Although there is no guarantee that you’ll walk away without any consequences, a lawyer is your best bet.

If nothing else, simply meet with an attorney to start discussing your options and resources. Working with a lawyer can help you know what your options for resolutions are, and what to expect in court.

They may be able to look at your case and identify that you can easily stand on this being your first charge. However, they may see extenuating circumstances that could negatively impact your case. Only a lawyer who has experience handling DUI cases for years can give you a clear guide on what to expect.

Accept Changes and Prepare to Move Forward

Acceptance is an important part of recovery, and it’s an important part of recovering from a DUI. You are one of many people who are facing DUI charges without cause. Fortunately for you, that means that you’re not alone. There are many times when the law, and the officers simply aren’t fair.

Protect yourself as best you can with legal representation, but you must begin to accept everything else. Many people will take on some community service hours after their first DUI charge. Accept this as an opportunity to serve your community rather than a court-appointed resolution for a charge you didn’t deserve.

Work to reframe the many unfortunate consequences of a DUI charge. Your lawyer and people close to you can help you do this. It’s a healthy way to move forward, and reframing is a healthy life skill you can put to use again and again.

The biggest issue that people face are changes to their license, insurance, and employment. If you believe that your employment will be impacted by this charge, begin planning to seek new employment quickly. Additionally, work with your insurance provider and take measures to reinstate your license right away.

Contact an Indianapolis DUI Attorney Today

An Indianapolis DUI attorney can help you make a strategy to take on the charge. But there are many other aspects of recovering from a DUI to address as well. You need to step away from the situation for a moment, develop a plan, and then take action.

Working with an attorney, you can lower the chances of spending time in jail. You can also improve the odds of a favorable outcome. Even though this is your first DUI, a criminal history can impact your case.

Reach out to an Indianapolis DUI lawyer today, call the Rathburn Law Office P.C. so that you can start recovering from your first DUI. The lawyers at Rathburn Law can guide you through this process and make a plan to move forward. They can also explain how different areas of the law impact your situation and how to handle each issue as it arises.

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