Researchers Have Created A Breathalyzer For Detecting Marijuana

A tool to detect THC has been developed by researchers over at the University of Pittsburgh, New York Daily News reports. The chemical is the component that gets people high when they smoke weed. Essentially, the researchers created a breathalyzer for pot.

Over 30 states have made weed legal, to an extent. This has lead to more developers working to create devices that can aid police. Legal experts, as well as scientists believe that these devices still have a very long way to go before they can be 100% accurate or nearly 100% accurate.

The researches started to work on the device back in 2016. This came at a time when there was a wave of laws pertaining to weed started to make its rounds. At that time, police didn’t have a breathalyzer or tools to determine if a person was under the influence of pot. According to a professor involved in the research, worked to develop a prototype alongside colleagues.

The device is equipped with nanotechnology. This tech can detect THC levels, and it does so in a way that is comparable to spectrometry. That is considered the best way to detect THC in one’s system.

The researchers created the device to resemble a breathalyzer used to detect alcohol. It consists of a protruding mouthpiece and a plastic casing. It also has a digital display, which shows the results of the test.

As of now, the device isn’t on the market and it’s still being tested out. However, researchers are hoping to complete the testing phase very soon and move it into the manufacturing phase. This means that eventually it will be available to use, hopefully in the near future.

For now, those who want to use the breathalyzer will have to wait for announcements from the developers, but one thing is for sure and that is the law enforcement community needs this device.

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