DUI Crash at a Dairy Queen

Throughout Indiana, police, and lawmakers are fighting to raise awareness about impaired driving. It’s a major issue and a common one as well. Each year police departments across Indiana arrest more than 13,000 drivers for driving under the influence. There was a DUI crash at a Dairy Queen.

An OWI, or more commonly referred to as a DUI, includes not only alcohol but any other drug or substance which could cause impairment. As the states surrounding Indiana legalize marijuana, it’s become more present in DUI cases, including a local arrest recently.

On September 19th, just outside of Indianapolis in Columbus, IN, a woman was arrested on OWI charges at about 10:30 am. In the mid-morning, it’s less common to see OWI arrests, but this arrest came after the woman hit a Dairy Queen with her vehicle.

The driver claims that she only hit the Dairy Queen because she was attempting to avoid a crash with another driver. There is no doubt that property damage is always preferable to physical injury in car accidents. This explanation didn’t seem to line up with what police report.

When police responded to the scene, they found what they believed to be a more likely cause for the crash. Upon search of the vehicle, police found marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Additionally, they believed she was showing signs of impairment. The driver reported she was at a hospital shortly before the crash and had blood drawn there.

This woman was charged with an OWI or Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated. What does this mean for the driver? OWI charges vary largely based on whether she is a repeat offender or not. There may also be outlying circumstances regarding her ability to drive after having her blood drawn. However, she will likely face charges for possession of marijuana as well. 

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