Can A DUI Attorney In Indianapolis Help Me Beat A Breathalyzer Test?

Getting arrested for a DUI offense can be a scary time for any individual. There are a number of questions and concerns running through your head. You need answers fast. An Indianapolis DUI lawyer can help. They will advise you of your legal rights and help you understand what your breathalyzer test results really mean.

When arrested for a DUI, you may be asked to take a breathalyzer test. You may be nervous and scared about what the results will reveal. While the results of your breathalyzer test can cause arrest, they do not always hold up in court.

There are several instances when the results of a breathalyzer test are inaccurate. The officer that administers the test may not have had the proper training on the device to accurately perform the test. This could cause faulty test results from a breathalyzer, making it impossible to determine what your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) really was at the time of your arrest.

There are also times when the breathalyzer device is not properly calibrated. Just like any sensing device, a breathalyzer needs regular maintenance and calibration. If the breathalyzer that was used to administer your BAC test was not properly maintained that results will not be accurate, creating a situation where your results are not usable.

Some police departments are also required to use a specific breathalyzer device model. This, in most instances, is the most effective and up-to-date breathalyzer device model. Using a different device could produce inaccurate results and cause your BAC to be incorrect. Your Indianapolis DUI attorney will fight these results and show that your breathalyzer test was inaccurate.

Bodily fluids can also make a difference in the results of a breathalyzer test. If you have vomited or regurgitated in any way before taking your breathalyzer test, the results will not be accurate. These bodily fluids can affect the results of a breathalyzer test and could prevent you from being charged for a DUI with the help of a DUI attorney in Indianapolis.

You do need an Indiana DUI attorney to help you after a DUI arrest. They can prove that the results of your breathalyzer test were inaccurate. They will review maintenance logs and investigate police officer training on the device. They will also ensure the correct breathalyzer device model was used to perform your test and help you to reduce your DUI charges in court.

How can a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Indiana Help Me After a DUI Arrest?

When arrested for a DUI charge, you need an Indianapolis drunk driving defense attorney to take your case. They can help you to reduce the charges you are facing and get you the minimum sentencing in your DUI case.

Your Indiana DUI lawyer will build a strong case against your breathalyzer test results. They can fight for your legal rights and help you to overcome a DUI charge. A drunk driving defense attorney in Indianapolis knows the laws for DUIs and will take your case.

When you hire a DUI attorney in Indianapolis, IN, you will be provided a consultation to discuss your case. Here, you can ask the legal questions you have about your DUI and get the answers you have been looking for after your DUI arrest.

Your Indianapolis DUI attorney will provide you with legal advice and help you understand your rights after a DUI arrest. They will determine your legal options in your DUI case and provide you with the legal guidance you need after a DUI charge.

Let your Indianapolis drunk driving defense lawyer help you fight a DUI charge. You do not have to face these charges all alone. An Indiana DUI attorney will fight for you. They can help and get you reduced fines and jail time. Your life is dependent on reduced sentencing, and your Indianapolis DUI lawyer knows how to win a DUI case.

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