DUI: 5 Questions to Ask Your Indianapolis DUI Lawyer

Also called “Operating While Intoxicated (OWI),” DUI is a serious crime in Indiana that carries the risks of severe penalties. As such, getting pulled over and arrested for DUI in Indianapolis, IN, is embarrassing and terrifying. Luckily, you have the right to an Indiana DUI attorney who can help you overcome your fears in such cases.

In 2018, Indiana recorded a total alcohol-driving fatality of 227 people. So, it’s no wonder why the Indiana government does everything possible to clamp down on offenders. The same statistics show that Indiana made 11,890 DUI arrests in the same year.

However, your Indiana DUI lawyers understand that no one is above mistakes. So, they’ll ensure that you’re let off the hook and put your life back together as quickly as possible. Yet, unfortunately, not every attorney will go all out for you. Therefore, it’s essential to ask your attorneys specific questions to determine how invested they are in securing your acquittal.

An Indianapolis DUI Lawyer vs. Public Defenders

In Indianapolis, you have the option of choosing a public defender or a private attorney to handle your case. Public defenders are court-appointed attorneys who receive their professional fees from the government.

While getting a public defender may seem cheaper than a private attorney, they aren’t always the best choice. You should only go for a public defender if you can’t afford a DUI defense attorney for these reasons:

  • Limited Choice of Attorney

One of the best things about hiring a private lawyer is that you get to choose who represents you. You have the option of interviewing different attorneys to determine who is the most suitable to handle your case.

Unfortunately, you don’t have such luxury when working with a public defender. You’ll have to put up with any lawyer the court appoints to your case, whether they are experienced or not.

  • Massive Case Loads

Another disadvantage of working with court-appointed lawyers is the heavy workload they have to deal with. So, your case is just one of the many they have to attend to. When your attorney is overwhelmed with work, they can’t afford to pay maximum attention to fighting your DUI.

  • Little or No Incentives

Private attorneys will work hard to keep their private law business booming. So, they wouldn’t want their business to suffer by mishandling your case. The better they handle individual client cases, the more referrals they will get. Unfortunately, public defenders don’t have such incentives to work hard. Regardless of the outcome of your case, their jobs aren’t on the line.

What Essential Question Should I Ask My Indiana DUI Attorney About My Case?

If you decide to hire a private lawyer, you may have many options to choose from. Asking the following questions can help you narrow your choice:

  • Do You Specifically Handle DUI Cases?

Private attorneys are general practice lawyers or attorneys specializing in DUI cases. Generally, specialized DUI lawyers are the better choice. They usually have more experience handling your kind of case.

  • How Affordable Are You?

Your attorney’s fees should be affordable. You wouldn’t want your inability to meet up with your lawyer’s fees to affect their dedication to your case.

  • What Strategies Will You Employ in My Case?

A good criminal lawyer should have a clear plan to handle your case.

  • Can I Do Anything to Improve the Outcome of My Case?

You should be aware of your obligations early enough.

  • Who Will Handle My Case Directly?

Sometimes, the lawyer you’re consulting with is only the law firm’s representative. You should know who is handling your case directly from the get-go.

Qualities of a Good Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Your choice of a DUI lawyer may be the difference between going to jail and getting an acquittal. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your future by hiring just any attorney.

The right drunk driving lawyer for you should possess the following qualities at the minimum:

  • Good communication skills
  • Approachability
  • Extensive experience
  • Integrity
  • Aggressiveness

Our Indianapolis DUI Defense Lawyers Can Help Your Case

Being arrested for a DUI doesn’t automatically mean that you’re guilty of the crime. An experienced Indianapolis DUI attorney knows that and will fight to prove it in your case. That’s why it’s vital to get quality legal representation as soon as you can.

As the prosecution works hard to secure your conviction, our DUI defense attorneys at Rathburn Law Office P.C. work even harder to ensure your release.  We wouldn’t just give up and sign up for a plea bargain. Instead, we’ll put up a good fight to ensure that you get cleared of all charges. Talk to us about your case today; we are always ready to help.