DUI Arrest Results in 41 Years After Death of Daughter

In May of 2017, Jessica Skeens drove her family down the Muncie Bypass. The result was the van rolling, crashing into a ditch with injuries the passenger, and children, but also the death of her six-year-old daughter in the backseat. Now, on October 1st Jessica Skeens has received a sentence, DUI arrest results in 41 years after the death of her daughter.

Those charges included the neglect of the dependent, her daughter, homicide, and more. Skeens, however, had a unique DUI story. Skeen pled not guilty as there are issues with her aspects of the accident. Back in May of 2017, when the crash took place, she was initially not arrested.

Her boyfriend Nathaniel Jordan was the only one arrested at the scene for punching Skeens and grabbing the wheel. His grabbing the steering wheel allegedly led to the crash as the van veered off the road at a high-speed and rolled.

There are many factors to think about here, including the lack of child restraints and the presence of alcohol in more than just Skeens. The question of her sentence revolves mostly around whether Skeens was genuinely responsible for the crash and her daughter’s death.

Would Skeens have caused this crash if she weren’t attacked and if the passenger hadn’t grabbed the wheel? This case is one that left many people questioning the circumstances and situation.

The other adult involved in this case is set to begin his court case in January. Although it seems as if his charges are largely surrounding the contribution to the crash, rather than having any major role in it and the death of the child as well.

It’s clear that DUI cases are never the same and can have extremely varying results. Even after both cases close, it is unlikely that there will be any consistent expectations for DUI cases that involve neglect or the death of a child.

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