How Do I Get My Driver’s License Reinstated?

Getting a driver’s license reinstated in Indianapolis, Indiana, means getting it back after the suspension. You don’t get your driver’s license back in Indianapolis, IN, just because your suspension period is over.

Various requirements need to be fulfilled to get your license back successfully. Here is all you need to know about these prerequisites and the best way to fulfilling them. If you find these overwhelming, hiring an Indianapolis DUI attorney is recommended.

Steps to Get Your License Reinstated in Indianapolis, IN

If your driver’s license is suspended, here is how to get it reinstated.

Step 1: View Your Indiana Driving Record

To start with, you should first view your driver’s license status on your driving record. In Indiana, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMW) offers two options for the same:

  • Viewable driving record (VDR): you can view your driving record online for free
  • Official driving record (ODR): you can download and print your driving record and pay $4 for the same. It also comes with a certificate from BMW.

Both of these mention the requirements you have to fulfill to get your license reinstated. Once you can view your driving record through BMW’s official website, it will mention all the suspensions and how you can deal with them.

Step 2: Deal With the Suspensions

Click on the Reinstatement Requirements of your driving record. It will mention all the requirements required to regain your driving privileges. Here are some of the requirements/suspensions you can come across:

  • Court-Ordered Suspension

If you have a pending court-ordered suspension, you must contact the court that ordered the suspension to know the requirements. Obtaining SR 22 insurance certificate would be one way to fulfill the requirements of court suspension.

  • Administrative (BMW) Suspension

If it is an administrative suspension, i.e., ordered by BMW, you should look into your ODR to determine the requirements. Depending on the suspension, you need to fulfill the requirement. The suspension could be a failure to pay a traffic ticket, failure to appear before the court, failure to file insurance, failure to procedure valid insurance or proof of vehicle insurance, excessive record on your driving record, etc.

Your insurance provider has to provide the Certificate of Compliance to the BMW if the suspension is about insurance and proof of vehicle insurance. You may also have to obtain SR 22 insurance coverage in certain circumstances.

Step 3: Submitting Proof of Insurance

If your driver’s license is suspended due to a lack of valid insurance or proof of insurance for the vehicle, reach out to your insurance company.

Only your insurance company can submit the vehicle’s proof of insurance on your behalf. They need to submit the proof directly to BMW electronically. BMW will not accept such insurance documents from the drivers.

Your insurance provider would have to submit SR22. SR22 is a certificate that is legal proof of financial responsibility. Such a certificate has to be obtained by the insurance provider. Only your insurance provider can submit it to BMW to reinstate your driving privileges.

You will also have to maintain the SR 22 for 180 consecutive days to remove the suspension on your insurance. This doesn’t mean you have regained your driving privileges. To regain them, you need to clear all your suspensions like failure to Appear/Pay suspension. This can be cleared by visiting the court or submitting the SR22.

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Step 4: Pay Reinstatement Fees

You have two options to get your license reinstated. You can choose to submit SR 22 and maintain it for 180 or pay the reinstatement fees.

You should know that submitting an SR22 coverage increase the insurance premium rates. At this stage, it is important to make a wise decision if you should pay the reinstatement fees or get an SR22. An attorney who deals with such cases will suggest you better depending on the number of suspensions under your record.

You can find your reinstatement fees mentioned within the Reinstatement Requirements section on your driving record. You also get an access code. Here are some of the ways you can pay your reinstatement fees:

  • Opening the official BMW website and logging in to your account.
  • Calling 888-692-6841 and providing the access code on the reinstatement notice
  • Mailing the reinstatement coupon found on your reinstatement notice
  • Downloading and submitting the Reinstatement Fee Submission Form if you do not have a coupon
  • By vising BMW Connect Kiosks

You can compare the reinstatement fees to the cost of acquiring the SR 22 and decide.

Step 5: Check ODR Status

Don’t forget to monitor your license status on status regularly. You can check it free of cost by signing in to your myBMW account in Indianapolis, Indiana. If your license was suspended due to other law enforcement reasons, you need to visit the court to get it reinstated, like completing the alcohol correction program. You can also apply for a replacement driver’s license or a hardship license through your myBMW account.

Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension

In Indianapolis, your driver’s license can be suspended for various reasons. Some of the basic reasons include:

  • Unpaid Traffic Tickets or Outstanding Traffic Tickets

Did you receive a speeding ticket or any other road violation ticket in your mail? Did you forget you pay it?

The court gives 30 to 60 days to either deny or pay your traffic violation ticket. If you miss it, your driver’s license gets suspended.

  • Pending Driver Safety Program

Are you obliged to attend a Driver Safety Program? This happens when you have received more than two citations within a year. BMW sends the notice in your mail informing you of all the program details and the date with which it starts. If you fail to attend it before the deadline, your driver’s license s is suspended.

  • Accumulation of Points

On each road safety violation, you accumulate points on your driving record. For instance, driving with a suspended license adds 8 points, speeding over 26 miles per hour over the speed limit adds 6 points, etc. These points don’t matter for two years. After two years, every two points over 18 means getting your license suspended by BMW for two months. The number of excessive points over 18 determines the period for which your driver’s license will be suspended.

Other reasons for driver’s license suspensions include causing an accident without proper automobile insurance, repeat insurance violations, failure to provide proof of insurance, etc.

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