Indianapolis Class C Misdemeanor

Indianapolis Class C Misdemeanor and First Time Offender – Examples

Every state has two main types of crimes. There are felonies (Learn more about a level 6 felony in Indianapolis Indiana) and misdemeanors. Felonies are more serious crimes that carry a year or more in jail. Misdemeanors are where the penalty cannot exceed 365 days.

Drunk driving is a serious crime in Indiana. It can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the facts of the case.

Class A Misdemeanor v Class C Misdemeanor

Class A misdemeanors have potentially higher fines and periods of incarceration. Your alcohol concentration level determines what type of charge you face.  Contact an experienced Indiana DUI attorney for more information.

If your BAC is .08, you are charged with a Class C misdemeanor. If it is .15 or higher, it will be increased to a Class A misdemeanor.

What is the Penalty for a Class C Misdemeanor?

A class C misdemeanor is punishable by up to 60 days in jail. It also carries a fine of up to $500. For OWI, there can also be additional penalties. You will lose your license for a period of time. The suspension can range from 0 days to one year.

Class C misdemeanors may not sound that serious. However, for OWI they can be very serious. First, they stay on your record forever. Second, if you get another OWI within 5 years, it will be charged as a felony. Felonies carry higher jail terms and bigger fines.

Is There any Plea Bargain for a Class C Misdemeanor?

Some counties give you two options – plead guilty or go to trial.  They are unwilling to offer a plea agreement to any other type of offense. Other counties, depending on the facts, may allow a plea to a lesser charge, if you take part in their OWI deferral program.


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