Should You Plead Guilty to an Indiana DUI/OWI?

It may seem like an odd question at first: should you plead guilty to a DUI charge? But the reality is that there are often good reasons to plead guilty. In the long run, the legal consequences may be less severe than if you fight the charges.

It’s important to bear in mind that every Indiana DUI/OWI case is different. Your attorney will work for the best possible outcome, which may include a wide range of possible strategies.

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Reduced or Dismissed Charges Will Be Sought if Possible

Your attorney’s goal is to explore all legal options for handling your DUI case. There are instances in which charges can be either reduced or dismissed altogether.

For instance, the prosecution’s decision to charge you with a particular offense may be weak. The blood alcohol concentration test results could be unreliable or the evidence may have been tainted. The arresting officer might also have violated your civil rights during your arrest.

Our dedicated Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer examines all evidence and circumstances thoroughly. Then, we apply the statutory and case law and our experience with these matters. If it appears that charges should be reduced or dismissed, we will aggressively pursue that route.

Strong Evidence Could Make a Guilty Plea a Better Option

However, there are other DUI/OWI cases in which the government’s evidence is strong. Your attorney will get to determine the nature of the evidence against you and how compelling it is. Assuming the arrest was lawful and the evidence is strong, it will be time to consider pleading guilty to a DUI charge.

How can a guilty plea help you? It gives you some leverage to make a deal with the government. Courts have heavy caseloads and prosecutors are busy prosecuting numerous other cases. They and their staff members are often overworked and overwhelmed by their dockets.

So when someone offers to make a deal in exchange for a guilty plea, there is some room for negotiating. A guilty plea gets what the prosecutor wants while saving time, resources, effort, and the risk of an acquittal. This can yield benefits for the DUI defendant.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t face consequences for the DUI, but they might be less severe. Your Indianapolis DUI attorney may convince the prosecutor to accept a guilty plea to a lesser charge, for instance. And that could mean a lower penalty or less time in jail.

There may be other advantages if you plead guilty to a DUI, depending on the facts of your case. This is why it’s critical to retain a lawyer at your earliest possible convenience.

How Rathburn Law Can Help

A DUI charge or arrest, no matter the circumstances involved, is not proof of guilt. The government will always bear the burden of proof against you. And where the facts make it possible, your lawyer will work for reduced or dismissed charges.

But your lawyer’s job is to objectively and fairly evaluate how strong the evidence is against you. Then, your attorney will discuss your legal options for how to best resolve the DUI case. This may require you to plead guilty to a certain charge or set of charges. In doing so, your lawyer will also explain the consequences you can likely expect.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to fight the charges or plead guilty rests with the defendant. Rathburn Law Office P.C. is here to help you make an informed decision in your best interests. Call us today to talk about your Indianapolis DUI/OWI case.