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People in some professions, such as those in the medical industry and those needing extensive education and training, must obtain licenses from governmental agencies in the state where they will be practicing. Different licensing boards are in charge of handling license applications, renewals, and disciplinary issues.

The Indiana, Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) handles licensing issues for those working in the state. Professionals who have received complaints or are suspected of breaking the law may need to fight disciplinary action. Fortunately, licensed professionals can answer inquiries and decide how to safeguard their careers with an expert Plainfield professional license defense attorney.

In disciplinary cases, professional license holders are represented strongly and effectively by The Law Offices of Rathburn Law. Our skilled and dedicated Plainfield professional license defense lawyers work with various professionals to help them avoid penalties and address related issues that may affect them. Call us at 317.671.8965 to schedule a free consultation.

Process of Complaints and Investigation by Professional Licensing Boards

Generally, you would contact our professional license defense lawyers immediately as soon as you get a letter of complaint. But even if you’ve been unexpectedly hit with charges, we can still support your defense at any point of the complaints and investigation process, including:


After reviewing your complaint, we contact the attorney general’s office to ask for more time to draft a suitable response.


To create a persuasive response, we conduct in-depth research on your issue and gather data and supporting documents. We send our response to the attorney general’s office following a thorough assessment with you to see whether any revisions are necessary.

Waiting for charges

We wait to see whether the attorney general will bring charges against you. The waiting period may be up to a year or only a month, depending on your line of work.


If charges are brought against you, we search for a solid and convincing defense to have them dropped. This can entail getting in touch with the attorney general’s office and offering a settlement or coming to an arrangement to avert a hearing.


We will represent you in court if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached as your peers listen to your defense. This could be very tough, highly emotional, and possibly embarrassing. Our skilled lawyers must be at your side, supporting you throughout the entire procedure and helping you through it all.

License reinstated

After settling your dispute or going to court, the ideal result is to have all of your professional license’s rights and privileges restored.

Nurses, lawyers, and other professionals make the mistake of hiring personal injury lawyers or general trial attorneys to represent them before professional licensing boards, even though these lawyers hardly ever practice in front of boards. But there, unlike in court, the rules and the strategies needed to secure a favorable outcome are different. The trial court’s rules of evidence, hearsay, and standard objection techniques may not be effective in an administrative context. Hiring a highly skilled Professional License Defense Attorney is essential for this reason.

Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License

A licensing board or other organizations may take one or more of the following actions against a person’s professional license following an investigation and disciplinary hearing:

  •  Suspension – If a board decides that a professional pose an imminent risk to the health and safety of the public, it may order a 90-day summary suspension. While stating the least amount of time that must pass before a person can request for their license to be reinstated, other suspensions might be handed out for a continuous period.
  •  Revocation – A person who has had their professional license permanently revoked for seven years from the revocation date is not eligible to apply for a new one.
  •  Probation – A professional may be allowed to carry on with their practice while subject to limitations, such as providing only a specific range of services. Additionally, they could need to fulfill conditions like completing community service, making amends, or enrolling in remedial classes.
  •  Fines – Depending on the seriousness of the claimed offenses, a person may be obliged to pay money to a licensing board or other PLA sections, and the amount of these fines may change.
  •  Reprimand or censure – A censure is a licensing board’s expression of dissatisfaction, whereas a reprimand is an official record of discipline. Although these records won’t impact a person’s eligibility to practice law, they might be made public and could harm their professional reputation.

Whether you just need to respond to a complaint or want to defend against disciplinary actions by a licensing board, the professional license defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Rathburn Law can help. We will make every effort to reduce any penalties you could incur so you can keep on offering qualified services. Call [Phone] to make an appointment for a free consultation with our office immediately.

a doctor meeting with a plainfield professional license defense attorney

What Activities Put Your Professional License At Risk?

Your professional license may be in jeopardy for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons are unrelated to work-related mistakes or poor performance. If you don’t tell your professional licensing board about the things that happen in your personal life, they could have a big impact on your work life.

These are only a few of the things that could endanger your professional license:

  •  Driving while drunk
  •  Drugs abuse
  •  Drug diversion
  •  Allegations of misconduct
  •  Inappropriate romantic relationships with clients or patients
  •  Medical malpractice
  •  Medical insurance fraud
  •  Theft
  •  Embezzlement
  •  Illegally prescribing narcotics
  •  Criminal charges

How Can an Attorney Help You Defend Your License?

While applicants for initial licenses, license renewals, and reports of continuing education frequently deal with the PLA or their specific professional boards, the stakes are significantly higher when defending conduct, abilities, and judgment against consumer or board complaints. Not only shouldn’t you attempt this alone, but not just any help will do.

You require legal counsel from professionals who have taken this route. The licensed defense lawyers at Rathburn Law are what you need.

Professionals We Help

Below is a summary of the different professionals we help at Rathburn Law (but not limited to):


The Indiana Board of Accountancy issues licenses to accounting practitioners. The PLA and the Indiana Board of Accountancy collaborate to coordinate the licensing examination for public accountants and certified public accountants (CPAs) in Indiana. Accountants are well-served when assisted by our skilled and experienced Plainfield professional liability defense attorneys who have a successful track record in defending accountant licensure and complaint matters in cases involving reports of alleged professional, criminal, or ethical misconduct.


A medical doctor’s or physician’s license is a golden property because it takes years of study to obtain it. The quasi-judicial hearings where such cases are argued require experience and skill to handle patient claims and disciplinary actions that threaten a practitioner’s license. You require legal representation from a licensed defense lawyer with experience before the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana if your license is in jeopardy due to a professional claim or allegation.


Our healthcare system depends heavily on nurses. Nurses must defend themselves in front of the Indiana State Board of Nursing if they are the subject of patient complaints or disciplinary action. Working with a lawyer skilled in Indiana’s professional licensing agency defense is the greatest way to safeguard your nursing license, just like receiving quality healthcare is better when provided by a licensed professional.

Rathburn Law Is Your Professional License Defense Lawyer In Plainfield

Your service to the community is vital. Your commitment to working hard and succeeding in your chosen field deserves the support of Plainfield professional license defense lawyers with valuable experience in professional license cases. Call Rathburn Law at 317.671.8965 to schedule a free consultation to discover more about our background and how we can assist with your defense.