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Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is a dynamic urban university situated in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana. Established in 1969, IUPUI is the result of a unique collaboration between Indiana University and Purdue University, offering a comprehensive range of academic programs across various disciplines.

Known for its commitment to experiential learning, IUPUI provides students with opportunities to engage in real-world research, internships, and community service.

The campus is a hub of innovation, particularly in fields such as life sciences, engineering, and health sciences. The renowned schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry, among others, contribute to IUPUI’s reputation as a leader in healthcare education and research.

IUPUI’s central location in downtown Indianapolis enhances students’ access to cultural events, professional development opportunities, and a thriving metropolitan environment. The campus is home to a diverse student body, fostering a rich and inclusive academic community.

Beyond academics, IUPUI emphasizes community engagement, promoting initiatives that address local and global challenges. The campus’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is reflected in its vibrant multicultural atmosphere and support services.

The Rathburn Law Office P.C. assists people facing charges of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated commonly known as a DUI in the State of Indiana.

Charles Rathburn is one of the best DUI defense attorneys in the United States and the State of Indiana. He has been defending DUI cases for over 25 years and is a nationally recognized DUI expert. He is also a certified phlebotomist and trains attorneys and judges about breath testing machines.

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Rathburn Law Office P.C., conveniently located in the heart of Iupui, offers specialized legal services in two primary practice areas to cater to your legal needs. Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing you with comprehensive and skilled legal representation. Below, you’ll find detailed information about our primary practice areas:

DUI Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself facing charges related to driving under the influence (DUI), it’s crucial to have a seasoned DUI defense lawyer in your corner. At Rathburn Law Office P.C., we understand the complexities of DUI cases and are here to guide you through the legal process.

The Importance of DUI Defense

DUI charges can have severe consequences, including fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. It’s vital to have a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer who can protect your rights and create a robust defense strategy tailored to your unique situation.

Our DUI defense services encompass:

  • Thoroughly reviewing the details of your arrest and the evidence against you.
  • Identifying any potential procedural errors or inaccuracies in tests conducted by law enforcement.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to seek reduced charges or alternative sentencing options.
  • Providing aggressive representation in court, if necessary, to vigorously defend your innocence.

Whether you are a first-time offender or facing repeat DUI charges, Rathburn Law Office P.C. is here to provide expert legal counsel and unwavering support throughout the entire legal process.

Felony DUI Defense Lawyer

For individuals charged with felony DUI offenses, the legal challenges are even greater, and the stakes are higher. Our felony DUI defense lawyers possess the expertise and experience needed to tackle these complex cases head-on.

Understanding Felony DUI Defense

Felony DUI charges typically result from factors such as multiple DUI convictions, accidents causing serious injuries or fatalities, or other aggravating circumstances. These charges carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

Our felony DUI defense services include:

  • Thoroughly examining the evidence against you and challenging any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • Exploring potential plea bargains or alternative sentencing options to mitigate the consequences.
  • Providing aggressive courtroom representation to achieve the best possible outcome, whether through acquittal or reduced charges.
  • Guiding you through the legal process and offering unwavering support during this challenging time.

Rathburn Law Office P.C. is dedicated to safeguarding your rights and minimizing the impact of felony DUI charges on your life. Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully defending clients facing felony DUI allegations.

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