DUI Defense for a Recovering Alcoholic

There’s a lot of discussion about what happens after a DUI and the involvement of treatment centers. But what happens when it’s the other way around. If you’re a recovering alcoholic and relapsed, then it’s clear that there are many underlying problems at play. Is the court system going to send you to jail or put you under financial duress, knowing that these two stressors often cause people to relapse again?

Working with an Indianapolis drunk driving defense lawyer, you can help explain your situation and work towards reaching a resolution that helps you back into sobriety.

Is There an Excuse for Drunk Driving?

Of course, there is no excuse for drunk driving. Many adults know and understand the risks fully and choose not to drink and drive. However, much of the nation has, at some point, had an alcoholic beverage and still operated a vehicle. What makes it so different than any person should face charges, jail time, fines, and worse?

While there is no excuse for drunk driving, there are mitigating factors, which can play a role in your case. Discuss with your Indiana DUI attorney what aspects played a role in the OWI incident that led to your charges. It’s possible that you can showcase your past treatment and recent events to mitigate the impact of your charges. In some cases, it’s even reasonable to show that you weren’t in a state of mind to make decisions, such as the decision to drive. It may even be possible to show that someone else was responsible for your DUI. For example, if a bar continued to serve you liquor and then allowed you to leave with your keys knowing that you were too intoxicated to operate a car.

Other factors might include how well you cooperated after being pulled over or at the crash scene. Always discuss these aspects of the charge with your attorney.

Knowing When to Contact a DUI Attorney in Indianapolis

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or your third DUI; you need legal guidance. An attorney can look at how you and your charges were handled to identify any misconduct on the part of the police or the filing authorities. In many cases, police don’t have probable cause to have pulled you over. They must show that you were visibly too intoxicated to drive and/or a threat to others on the road because of erratic driving behavior.

If you are a recovering alcoholic and got into a crash, then you need someone who can help you with the charges while you focus on your recovery. DUIs can make it difficult to focus on getting better or returning to work. But with an attorney, you can take the time you need to figure out what your next step is and then take it when you’re ready.

What an Indianapolis DUI Lawyer Should Do For You

Many people each year are arrested for driving under the influence. Not every person arrested has a DUI conviction, and many faced no consequences because of the help of a drunk driving attorney. A defense attorney is there to protect your rights, listen to your side of the story, and make the state prove its case.

Many accidents happen because of sober drivers, and in turn, the person who may have had a sip of wine with dinner is left with a DUI charge. Generally speaking, once the officer smells alcohol they are going to detain you and probably charge you with DUI.  In many cases, it’s not fair. Then there is the issue of mishandling. Police officer make assumptions, administer sobriety tests improperly, and improperly arrest people who did not actually violate the law.

If you or a loved one are charged with a DUI, hiring a DUI attorney is absolutely necessary. Don’t hesitate to involve an attorney. If you feel that you were not in the wrong, or that any part of your case was not handled correctly then involve an experienced legal professional.

Is It Possible That a Recovering Alcoholic Needs More Than Just Recovery Help?

Substance abuse has recently been classified as a mental health issue.  No longer can authorities say you “should know better” or “make inappropriate choices”. The issue of substance abuse is more complicated than than.  That doesn’t mean you don’t need legal help or have to confront the charges against you. Explaining a relapse and your situation could be part of your case. If you haven’t had problems with an OWI or DUI before then your in-progress treatment plan could help you.

Contact the Rathburn Law offices for help in understanding your case. Our drunk driving defense law firm in Indianapolis can guide you through the nuances of your case and finding a resolution that’s best for your long-term recovery.