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Your professional license is essential to your livelihood. However, a single misconduct claim or legal accusation can pose a significant threat not only to your job, but also to your earning capacity and reputation.

At risk of losing your professional license? Rathburn Law can help. You need an experienced professional license defense attorney. Without one, you risk losing both your license and your livelihood.

Even if you escape charges, your business may still suffer. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate invasive investigations or disciplinary boards alone. At the Rathburn Law Office P.C., we specialize in professional license defense for individuals in Marion County and its surrounding regions.

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The Process Of Complaints & Investigation By Professional Licensing Boards

When your professional license becomes the subject of a Consumer Complaint filed with the OAG or the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, your defense lawyer has the opportunity to file a written response. There are different licensing sections within the OAG. Depending on which section is in charge of investigating the consumer complaint, your response may be reviewed by a DGD (Deputy Attorney General) or a non-attorney case analyst. The official should review all documents submitted by both sides before replying to your response. They may even request other information or documentation from you.

The OAG will then bring the consumer complaint to the appropriate board or commission, seeking action against the license holder. Once the attorney general decides to pursue the case, the relevant board or commission will hold a hearing and determine the outcome, including disciplinary action. Disciplinary hearings will usually be held before the board. If not, before an administrative judge appointed by the licensing board. If the case is resolved through a settlement agreement, there will be no evidentiary hearing. The board will deliberate and make its findings of fact and conclusions of law after the hearing.

Impact Of Criminal Convictions On A Professional License

A criminal conviction in Indiana can have a horrific impact on your professional, occupational, or business license. It can even result in you losing your ability to nurture your loved ones in the event of a complete revocation of your professional license. The licensing board in Indiana will review the consumer complaint and decide what should be done next. If your case is proven, you should be prepared to face severe disciplinary actions. Here are some of the most common disciplinary actions taken by the licensing board of Indiana:

  •  Warning letters
  •  Citations or fines
  •  Probation or diversion programs
  •  Substance abuse treatment or awareness programs
  •  Restrictions or complete suspension of practice in Indiana

Suffering an arrest can be extremely devastating to you and your career. That’s why you need to hire the right professional license defense lawyer in town. An experienced lawyer can help mitigate the possible damage to your career. He or she will intervene early in the criminal process – through Prefiling Investigation – in order to speak with prosecutors about the possibility of avoiding a criminal charge being filed against you. Our experienced professional license lawyers know how to handle your case successfully and mitigate the possible damage to your career.

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Activities That Put Your Professional License At Risk In Indiana

Certain things that happen in your personal life can have a serious impact on your professional life at times. There are many reasons for revoking a professional license including:

  •  Substance abuse
  •  Allegations of misconduct
  •  Embezzlement
  •  Fraud
  •  Theft
  •  Medical malpractice
  •  Failing to disclose any disciplinary actions from another state
  •  Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  •  Criminal charges
  •  Violence and domestic abuse
  •  Practicing under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or drugs

When you have been accused of violating your professional code of conduct, you should be doing something to safeguard your reputation, career, and financial future. In fact, you are entitled to defend your side of the story by hiring an experienced professional license defense lawyer in Marion County, IN. You can easily find such a lawyer at Rathburn Law. Call us today to schedule your free, initial, no-obligation consultation.

How Can A Lawyer Help Defend Your License?

The main job of a professional license defense lawyer is to protect your occupational license and right to work. He or she will handle matters relating to administrative law, grievance complaints, licensure, ethics concerns, and other important professional licensing issues. Administrative law is complex and encompasses laws that govern the administration and regulation of government agencies. In fact, state licensing boards are administrative bodies that have their own sets of rules and procedures to implement and enforce. Our experienced lawyers will defend license applicants in case their license is denied. We will also defend practicing licensees when their professional license is facing disciplinary action due to engaging in unethical behavior, professional misconduct, or criminal activities. Here are some of the professionals that we can help:

  •  Doctors
  •  Pharmacists
  •  Nurses
  •  Dentists
  •  Lawyers
  •  Architects
  •  Realtors
  •  Accountants
  •  And More…

The professional license defense lawyer you hire will decide the outcome of your case. You need to work with a professional and experienced lawyer with many years of experience in defending professional licenses. They should be well versed with state laws and have excellent defense skills. The right professional should be able to coordinate with the relevant licensing board to help you carry on with your occupation. Our experienced lawyers at Rathburn Law know how to handle your case successfully and mitigate the possible damage to your career.

Talk To a Marion County Professional License Defense Attorney

When your professional license is under fire due to a consumer complaint or any other reason, you have the right to work with an experienced professional license defense lawyer in Marion County. Marion County has its own share of license defense lawyers, but all of these professionals are not top-notch. You should be doing your homework properly before picking the right professional defense attorney to handle your case.

Rathburn Law is your trusted partner in Marion County, IN, for all your criminal defense lawsuits including professional license defense cases. Our expert team has the necessary experience, skills, knowledge, and negotiation skills to handle your case successfully and mitigate the possible damage to your career. Allow our experienced professional defense lawyers to argue your side of the case and protect your legal rights. Call Rathburn Law today at 317.671.8965 when you are searching for the best Marion County professional license defense attorneys!

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