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Greenwood, situated in Johnson County, Indiana, epitomizes the charm of suburban living while offering convenient access to the amenities of Indianapolis and the natural allure of Indiana’s countryside.

Famed for its exceptional schools, neighborly atmosphere, and meticulously manicured neighborhoods, Greenwood has become a coveted destination for individuals and families seeking a serene yet connected lifestyle.

The city boasts an abundance of parks and recreational facilities, including Freedom Park and Craig Park, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and community gatherings. Greenwood’s steadfast commitment to education shines through its top-rated school system, catering to the educational needs of its diverse population.

Downtown Greenwood exudes character with its mix of local shops, restaurants, and cultural events, fostering a strong sense of community pride. The annual WAMMfest celebrates the city’s vibrant arts and music scene, drawing crowds to revel in its creativity and talent.

Strategically located near major highways, Greenwood offers effortless access to Indianapolis, making it an attractive option for commuters seeking a tranquil residential setting within reach of urban amenities.

As Greenwood continues to grow, it remains dedicated to preserving its rich heritage while embracing the opportunities of progress, ensuring a welcoming and thriving community for residents old and new.

The Rathburn Law Office P.C. P.C. assists people facing charges of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated commonly known as a DUI in the State of Indiana.

Charles Rathburn is one of the best DUI defense attorneys in the United States and the State of Indiana. He has been defending DUI cases for over 25 years and is a nationally recognized DUI expert. He is also a certified phlebotomist and trains attorneys and judges about breath testing machines.

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