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Your sheer determination and commitment have eventually paid off after many years of studying your preferred professional course. You have passed all your exams and acquired all the certifications you need to work in practice as a doctor, accountant, nurse, or pharmacist. Unfortunately, something bad happens along the way that causes your professional operating license to come under threat. Losing your professional license has the potential to ruin your career and cause all your hard work to go to waste.

If your professional license is under threat of being revoked or permanently suspended, you will need to look for an experienced professional license defense lawyer who can help you avoid these unwanted consequences. A Carmel professional license defense attorney will assist you throughout the course of any investigation or hearing that you may be facing.

At Rathburn Law, we are fully committed to defending professionals in Carmel who may be facing any criminal or civil investigation that may put their professional operating license at risk. If you are searching for an experienced and competent professional license defense lawyer in Carmel, look no further than Rathburn Law.

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Process of Complaints and Investigation By Professional Licensing Boards

Professional licensing boards are the bodies mandated to oversee various professionals in different industries. For example, Medical Boards are mandated to oversee doctors and nurses while State Bars are mandated to oversee legal professionals like attorneys. Each licensing board is tasked with creating and implementing its own rules and guidelines regarding the conduct of its respective members.

Now, when a complaint is made against a licensed professional in a specific field, the relevant licensing board must investigate the complaint. If the complaint is deemed valid, a formal investigation is launched. During this period, the professional under investigation may have their license suspended pending the conclusion of the investigation.

It’s crucial to inform a professional defense lawyer immediately after you are notified of a complaint or investigation that affects you. At Rathburn Law, our attorneys will work tirelessly to defend you from any unfair investigation and punishment due to malicious or unfounded claims.

Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License

It goes without saying that getting a criminal conviction is likely to impact your professional license or capacity to work in your field or industry. For instance, if you are convicted of a felony, your respective licensing board may decide to suspend or revoke your license based on the severity of the crime. However, having a criminal conviction doesn’t automatically disqualify you from retaining your operating license.

A criminal conviction can have a negative impact on future job and employment prospects. A professional license board may suspend your license for a specified duration of time (e.g. 5 years) as punishment for any alleged wrongdoing committed. With that said, clearing your criminal history should be a top priority for any professional who wishes to reinstate their lost license.

If you are looking to apply for a professional license in Carmel and are worried about how your criminal history may affect the process, seeking the help of a professional license defense attorney can go a long way in improving your chances of success.

Activities that Put Your Professional License at Risk

There are numerous activities that put your professional license at risk. The majority of these activities involve some form of misconduct that involves a colleague, customer/client, supplier or other third parties. There are also activities that can be considered to be white-collar crimes like financial fraud and embezzlement. All of these activities can put your license at risk if a complaint is made against you.

Some of the activities that can put you at risk of losing your professional license include:

  •  Working under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other banned substances
  •  Being found in possession of prohibited or controlled substances
  •  Medical negligence and malpractice
  •  Fraud
  •  Theft
  •  Domestic violence and physical abuse
  •  Prescribing medications illegally
  •  Embezzlement
  •  DUI

Most of these activities occur at the workplace, but there are also activities that occur outside the workplace that can put your professional license at risk.

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How Can an Attorney Help You Defend Your License?

At Rathburn Law, our experienced lawyers will defend your professional license by all means in the event a complaint is lodged against you with your respective professional licensing board. Our attorneys are more than capable of dealing with issues relating to administrative law, grievance claims, ethical concerns, and other crucial elements associated with professional licensing.

It’s important to note that administrative law is a vast and complex legal discipline that can only be effectively navigated by experts who know how professional licensing boards operate and how they handle different complaints made against their members.

Our professional license defense attorneys will assist you through all stages of your license defense, including:

  •  Verification of complaints
  •  Investigation
  •  Formal hearing
  •  Negotiation and Settlement

Professionals We Help

Here are a few of the many professions that we offer services for:


Boards of public accountants are tasked with vetting and licensing public certified accountants. Accountants may be at risk of losing their license if they are found culpable for activities like fraud, general dishonesty, negligence, and other ethical violence. At Rathburn Law, we can help you form a strong defense to prove your innocence when facing any complaints.


We have experienced lawyers who have represented dozens of doctors who faced the risk of losing their professional license due to one reason or the other. Doctors do so much for the community, and it’s only fair that we help them keep the jobs and careers that they have worked for whenever possible. We defend doctors who are facing claims of professional misconduct as well as medical malpractice.


Despite being competent legal professionals, many lawyers face unfair persecution from different quarters, such as disgruntled clients and people who work in the judicial system. At Rathburn Law, we are not afraid to go to court to fight for our colleagues in the legal fraternity who may be at risk of being disbarred.


Just like doctors, nurses also face unfair allegations and complaints that may threaten their ability to work and support their families. As a nurse, we can help you through the various aspects of your nursing license defense including issues relating to chemical dependency, criminal conduct, the standard of care, peer review activities, and other disciplinary processes.


At Rathburn Law, we have the required knowledge and expertise to handle a wide variety of pharmaceutical license defense cases. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and professionals in this industry are likely to fall prey to unfounded claims and complaints from malicious individuals. Luckily, we are always here to help.

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We will fight on your behalf till the end so that your job and career do not come to an abrupt end due to unfair or unfounded claims made against you. To best service professionals in our community, we have a dedicated law office in Carmel where you can come to get sound and valuable legal advice regarding any professional licensing issues.

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