Unnamed Substances Cause Crash and Death

On November 9th, in the early morning hours, a man was ejected from an SUV, which was involved in a single-vehicle crash on a freeway ramp. A Chevy Trailblazer pulled off of 1-465, drove off the ramp, and rolled. Early on November 11th, that man died from injuries sustained during the crash. Police have not yet released the victim’s name only that he was seriously injured when taken by emergency medical services. There is a debate on whether the victim had been wearing a seatbelt and possibly under the influence himself of unnamed substances.

There are many outstanding questions regarding the victim and the driver. The driver was ground later, walking on the side of the road, eventually collapsing. Police made no statement about the driver’s condition, only that he was also taken to the hospital. The officers involved believe that drugs played a substantial role in this crash and have charged the driver with an OWI, which caused death. Additionally, he faces charges for having a syringe.

The vehicle involved was found overturned, and the details of the crash are unclear. The police are withholding names until they are able to notify the families and conclude their investigation. The presence of a syringe leads many people to believe that the presence of hard substances played a major role in this crash. No doubt, the ongoing battle that Indiana is facing with drug use is bleeding into many other forms of crime. Drunk driving and intoxicated driving often don’t lead to death. Often these single-vehicle accidents happen in the early morning at lower speeds and result in only the driver taking on injuries. But these situations show that what happens often is not what happens every time. This single-vehicle crash led to one man’s death and charges pressed against the driver.

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Source: https://fox59.com/2019/11/09/one-dead-after-i-465-crash-on-indys-west-side/