How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost in Indianapolis?

A DUI is a severe issue in any part of the United States and Indianapolis. DUI means “Driving under influence,” and it is a punishable offense to be driving while being intoxicated.

The court procedures for such offenses are complicated since not just the courts but your local DMV is also involved in the matter and suspends your license until the issue is resolved. Such complicated cases often require a lawyer that knows how to handle them and present you in court so that the charges on you are as less as possible.

One should not forget that getting acquitted ultimately on all grounds in a DUI case is rare. So, if you are charged, you will most likely be advised to mitigate the charges laid against you. This and more would be included in the fees a DUI lawyer in Indianapolis would charge you.

The Initial Consultation Charges

Most of the lawyers around Indianapolis usually charge no fees for the initial consultation when you bring your case to them. You can sit with them directly and talk about all the details and points of your case so that they can guide you and understand the complexity of the case and then decide on how to charge you for all the services they will have to provide you with.

The complexities of the case include how many times you’ve been charged previously, how much evidence the public prosecutor has against you, did you harm any other people while being intoxicated? How severely were you intoxicated and more. All these factors are to be discussed with your lawyer in that initial free consultation so that they can best understand you and make your case.

Legal Penalties Charged for DUIs in Indianapolis

With or without a DUI lawyer, you will be facing some severe charges for a DUI offense in Indianapolis. Going a little over the speed limit and running a red light is one thing, but driving under influence is a much more serious offense. It can cause you to face criminal charges from the state and other civil charges from all people you may have hurt while intoxicated.

The penalties laid for each offense of a DUI are higher than the previous one. For first-time offenders alone, it is license suspension, jail time up to 1 year, and severe fines. For the second and third time, it is much more.

The penalties laid for DUI offenses are as follows:

  • First-time offense: Jail term ranging from zero to 1 year. Fine up to $ 5000 and suspension of driving license for up to 2 years.
  • Second-time offense: Compulsory jail term of 5 days to 3 years. Fines up to $10,000 and a driving license suspension of up to 2.5 years. It is important to note that a DUI can only be considered a second offense if the first one was committed within five years from the first one. Otherwise, this will have to be considered a first-time offense for all legal purposes.
  • Third-time offense: Compulsory jail term of 10 days to 3 years. Fines up to $10,000 and driving license suspension for up to 2.5 years.

Since these penalties are severe and can have major consequences for you throughout your life, it is always essential that you go with a lawyer to court and try your best to mitigate the charges as much as possible. The number of times you have previously committed the offense will directly result in your lawyer fees going up.

On the downside, if you go to the court without a lawyer, you will likely be charged on all counts and have little to say in the matter. A lawyer knows how to negotiate and counter the evidence and have it thrown out of the court. For you, a DUI charge is uncommon. A DUI lawyer in Indianapolis deals with such cases regularly and is generally experienced in advising you properly and helping you.

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What Does a DUI Check Include?

There are several methods employed by law enforcement to find people that are driving under the influence. Law enforcement may set up checkpoints at several locations around the city and check every vehicle. This is particularly common during festivals, celebration nights, and even on weekends. Once they do find you, you will most likely be requested to take a breath analyzer test. You do have an option to refuse such a test, but the consequences of doing so are grim.

Even if you are not stopped at a checkpoint, police can stop your vehicle if they suspect you may be a possible DUI case. Usual indicators include going very slow than normal, failing to properly indicate while steering, running the red light, being unable to stop properly, and more. All of this and more can give cause for the officer patrolling you to stop your vehicle and ask for verification.

A breath analyzer test is a sobriety test that takes your breath into a container through a small pipe when you blow into it and then determines how much alcohol content is in your blood. If the result shows less than 0.8, you are safe and will not be charged for a DUI. For 0.8 and all values above it, you can be charged a DUI in Indianapolis. A breath analyzer test is the most critical piece of evidence for a DUI case. And if your lawyer can have it thrown out, you stand a chance at reduced charges.

If you fail a breath analyzer test, you may be charged with one or two years of driving license suspension. However, if you refuse one, you will be suspended from driving for one year. Therefore, unless you know that you are perfectly normal and cannot be charged with a DUI and have perfect reasons to counter the officer’s charge, it is always advisable to accept and take a breath analyzer test.

Call a Top DUI Lawyer in Indianapolis Today!

In Indianapolis, a DUI offense is severe and can result in pretty hefty charges. Hiring an Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer experienced in such cases is an excellent way to ensure that you can at least mitigate some charges levied against you. Depending on the complexity and severity of your case, the lawyer may charge you more and more money. It’s lesser than the fines and jail terms you face if convicted.