Going it alone

Many people presume themselves to be guilty when charged with Operating While Intoxicated (commonly referred to as either DUI or DWI) in the State of Indiana. This is partly due to longstanding aggressive anti-drunk driving media campaigns by the government such as “you drink, you drive, you lose” which deliberately fails to address the various legal defenses one may have to this offense.  Do you really lose for merely drinking alcohol and driving a motor vehicle? If that were true, there would be no parking lots in establishments that serve alcohol.  Sadly, many people charged with DUI mistakenly seek to resolve the matter without being represented by a knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney. What you DON’T know WILL hurt you!  You may have legal defenses to the complex charge you face and proper legal representation may help you avoid the consequences of a DUI conviction such as incarceration, probation, fines, loss of driving privileges and significantly higher automobile insurance rates. You need the best DUI attorney available to help you navigate the government’s case against you.  You need a DUI attorney who has devoted his extensive legal career to defending those charged with DUI.  You need an attorney who is not afraid to go to trial against highly trained and aggressive government prosecutors.  You need one of the most experienced DUI attorneys in the State of Indiana. You need the attorney other DUI attorneys nationwide retain as an expert witness to testify in courts in Indiana and other states regarding the legality of DUI alcohol breath testing devices and blood draws.  You NEED DUI attorney Chuck Rathburn in your corner to obtain the best result legally available to you.

There is no DUI lawyer or DUI law firm in Indiana that is more experienced in DUI law and science than Chuck. Chuck and his highly trained and diligent staff will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the government’s case against you, from the police officer’s initial observation and traffic stop to the roadside sobriety tests and administration of the alcohol breath/blood test, to ensure the State’s evidence is sufficient to meet its burden and prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.  His nearly thirty years of training and experience in DUI defense will help you successfully navigate through these critical evidentiary matters.

Chuck is both an attorney and phlebotomist, trained in the science of drawing blood. He is also one of the most highly trained individuals in the United States in the science of alcohol breath testing.  Chuck has been qualified by trial and appellate courts in Indiana and nationwide as an expert on alcohol breath testing, on alcohol’s effects on the human body, and on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests police use to gather evidence against drivers charged with DUI.  Chuck has trained police officers, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges on how alcohol breath testing devices collect a breath sample, analyze it, and report the result.

The Rathburn Law Office offers a FREE consultation to anyone facing DUI charges in the State of Indiana. You will leave your consultation with Chuck and his staff empowered with the knowledge that you DO NOT HAVE TO GO IT ALONE. You also may be pleasantly surprised that Chuck’s representation is more affordable than you had thought. Do not delay, call Chuck Rathburn today!

Over the coming weeks, www.rathburnlaw.com will be addressing the issues presented here and more as it relates to the offense of OWI (DUI) in the State of Indiana.  Please come back and review our postings.